Separation Blues

It’s a humanly thing to feel this way. We were born with it. Those crying when you were baby because momma is away from your sight. Those first school day. And the most important thing, as a human being, is to acknowledge this feeling. The process of acknowledging this feeling would make it easier for us to face and adapt to it.

Is the time is near for me? We shall see.

The Conundrum Journal

Being the first kid in the family, I had been used to being the one who left. The one who is being dropped off, sent off, and called in from miles away.

My first departure from home took place way back when I was only 14—it was my first night at the boarding school. I cried myself to sleep; wanting the separation to be over the next morning, but of course it didn’t. I remembered feeling devastated. The darkness made it impossible to think about anything else than the comfortable place where everyone I loved were, where I could sleep with the lights on.

I remembered missing the familiar texture of my bed. I didn’t know then, but I know now that I cried for selfish reasons.

Good for me, I figured out soon that the distance between Tangerang Selatan and Bogor was less than two hours. I figured…

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