Month: July 2015

another holiday

Life has been a miracle this past month.  The internship place and the lesson I get, although I haven’t even start my project, (wish me luck on that!!). Having internship in the field I barely understand//invest my time so much is not that easy nor that hard. It’s just challenging AND also help me to understand what my true passion is. The holiday//ramadhan break becomes another adaptation process to me. Living separately, meet every 6 months and BAM your brother is in uni, BAM your sister starts to mimics you, and BAM your little K is waaaay thinner now and much  wiser. The family adaptation class also teach me (again) the role of a daughter and a sister. The patience, the share-your-bed-and-your-food-and-the-responsibilities, the fights (!!!). About the daughter part, well, this holiday proves that I am still the same little girl inside lol. Oh yeah, another thing. Realizing that few conditions changed and hopefuly it will get better  soon since it makes me worry most. And last but not least, the Ramadhan itself. This might not be my best Praying month. I miss few points from my target, totally failing some, and I don’t feel like I have do and sacrifice the best for the Holy Month. Quite sad the month where your prayers are easier to got Ijabah (?) and the atmosphere is unlike other months is coming to an end 😦

But the miracle comes from the mixture of those three. And I can’t feel anymore blessed that this

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Sorry for the long post. I haven’t post anything for a month or so, and I feel like saying this lol.  Taqabbalallahu Minna wa Minkum! May Allah accepts your and our worship 🙂 (This is another post of mine trying to practice my writing skill. Feel free to remind me if there are misused words//wrong grammar/tenses)